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Is America Going Fascist? Bob Avakian and Revolutionary Communist Party's Flawed Analysis by Selwyn Trench: Special Report 
The Great UnBlackening, Corporate Erasure of Blacks in Politics​
by Glen Ford,
Alt-Right Weighs in on New Novel Depicting a Post - Revolutionary 
America Divided Into Caucasia, Blacktopia & Gaysia  Nations  ​

Radicals Turn To Lenin, 
Mao and Che
"Jook Joint" Black  Women Hit Back In This Southern Gothic Comic
by Erin --
Intersectionality: A Marxist Critique, by Barbara Foley 
Open Letter to Black Nationalists on Women, Black Feminism and Gender Identity
by Selwyn Trench - ​​
Will White Suburban Women Voters Reap Trump's Harvest or Remedy Their 'Becky Situation' --
Alt-Black On Democratic Socialism 

Blacktopia: For an Independent Black National Homeland by DeForrest Bedford-Scott
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Blackness, Birthright, and the Battle for Harlem: Intra-Racial Conflict in         Marvel’s Luke Cage Season Two By Nicosia in Black Scholar Shakes
Adjustment Day: by Chuck Palahniuk
Author of "Fight Club" 
Trump's Birthright Citizenship Attack: Not Just A Political Ploy  by Selwyn Trench​
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The 2018 Elections: Was Trump's White Nationalist Agenda Repudiated?
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Tarana Burke #MeToo Leader Says "Stop Giving Your Power Away to White Folks"
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