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Democrats & Kavanagh Confirmation​, Black Agenda Report
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Black Vote 2020 - Democratic Socialism & Black Nationalism: Part 2 
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Is America Going Fascist? Bob Avakian and Revolutionary Communist Party's Flawed Analysis by Selwyn Trench: Special Report 
Fighting Fascism and the Ku Klux Klan: Lessons from the New 
 Communist Movement by Paul Saba -- Viewpoint Magazine
The Kavanagh Aftermath: Resisting the Juristocracy
 by Samuel Moyn, The Boston Review Special Series -- Democratic Socialism & Black Nationalism: Challenges & Opportunities- Part 1 by Deckland Bolt ​
Radicals Turn To Lenin, 
Mao and Che
"Jook Joint" Black  Women Hit Back In This Southern Gothic Comic
by Erin --
Northeast Nigeria After Boko Haram from  
Open Letter to Black Nationalists on Women, Black Feminism and Gender Identity
by Selwyn Trench - ​​
Will White Suburban Women Voters Reap Trump's Harvest or Remedy Their 'Becky Situation' --
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