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  Essential Reading

Alt-Black is pleased encourage our readers and visitors to read Ashley D. Farmer's publication of "Remaking Black Power - How Black Women Transformed an Era. "Remaking" is a book that is long overdue. 

Anyone seeking to understand how the risings of the Darker Nation in the 1960's and 70's shook American Empire, and redefined the identity of Black people, now possess a treasure trove of first source materials that vividly tells the story of Black women's contributions in their own words, artistic works and compelling imagery. 

From the Civil Rights Movement to the Black Panthers, Farmer takes us inside the divergent political streams of radical politics and the tit-for-tat struggle Black Women waged to play leadership roles, politically influence the direction of the Black Power movement. Black women advocated and  modeled visions of the new  revolutionary Black woman and man. In their quest to redefine Black identity, Black women embraced and promoted Third World, Pan-African and Black socialist experiences in the Black Power project. 

"Remaking" contextualizes in brilliant detail the problems that underscored the patriarchy and male dominated hierarchy of the times that short circuited Black women from fully participating in leadership roles. At the same time, "Remaking" leaves no doubt that Black women were a driving force in the Black Power struggle.    

Following the ebb of the Black urban rebellions and the Deep State's Cointelpro counter-attack to decapitate Black revolutionary leadership, Black women continued their struggle to move forward. They founded radical women's groups, stood up   Black Feminist organizations, and launched an unprecedented period of intellectual activity whose  programmatic and ideological moorings are clearly evident in the women-led  Black Lives Matter movement.  

In August 2018, 'The Heresy' at Alt-Black.com will  begin releasing a series of articles that explore a range of past and future issues regarding "Black Nationalism and Black Women, Black Feminism and Gender Identity."  'Remaking' will be a central text of reference for this undertaking to learn the lessons of the role of Black women in Black Nationalist project. 

On behalf of the Alt-black.com and the Alternative Black Nationalist community, we thank and congratulate Ms. Ashley D. Farmer on the publication of 'Remaking Black Power, How Black Women Transformed an Era.'