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Alt-Black.com Special Series: Democratic Socialism and Black Nationalism - Part 1
Democratic Socialism and  Black Nationalism: Part 1

After a one hundred-year interregnum, socialism has fought its way back into the Cathedral's (America) political bloodstream. From Democratic Socialist of America's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's congressional victory in New York, to growing support for the 'Medicare for All' Single-Payer Health Care Plan, socialist forces have mounted the ramparts. They are shaking up the Bi-Coastal Left and the Democrat Party.  

Understanding why Democratic Socialism will be more enduring than ephemeral, more multi-ethnic than predominantly white, more focused on seizing the Democrat's left wing than indulging utopian fantasies of social protest movements, is critically important to Black Nationalists. 

To underestimate or misinterpret the dynamics fueling the Democratic Socialist wave, is to weaken Black Nationalists' leadership role within the Darker Nation. It would also cripple our ability to influence broader radical forces drawn to Democratic Socialism's magnetic force field. 

Since 2013, Alt.black.com has identified three significant movements that are influencing the pre-revolutionary period of the decline of American Empire. The Alt-Right ascended as a white nationalist cultural movement. Black Lives Matter's initially rose as a spontaneous revolt opposing state-sanctioned violence against the Darker Nation before expanding its platform. Post-modern Democratic Socialism is a movement birthed in the heat of electoral politics.

Bernie Sanders' (Comrade Kerensky) 2016 presidential campaign resurrected Democratic Socialism as a political force, For the first time since Eugene Debs 1920 presidential run, socialists are running for and winning local, state, and federal offices. 

Today's Democratic Socialist political philosophy is simple and digestible for the masses. It advocates achieving socialist goals within the existing democratic system. What does that mean? It means Democratic Socialist don't want to overthrow capitalism. They want to gradually empower working people to make the critical decisions that guide the economy.   That means elected officials who serve Wall Street and corporate interests must be voted out of office.  

Democratic Socialists don't want "da workin class" to own 'the means of production.' They don't want a single political party directing a centralized economy, as was the case in the former Soviet Union. They prefer a multi-party democracy with a decentralized mixed economy in which some industries like energy and utility companies may be publicly owned. In other industries workers could share management responsibilities with owners, or own majority stock in them. Workers co-operatives could lead other enterprises.  

Putting human needs over profits is the political and economic 'true North' of a Democratic Socialists order. Public goods like access to health care, housing and higher education would be free or affordable to all. Culturally speaking, DS is anti-racist, anti-sexist and gender-identity friendly. These 'progressive' cultural positions are significant. 

Taking gradual steps towards a Democratic Socialist (DS) agenda is on the ballot in 2018. With the wealth gap expanding between the majority of working people and the financial ruling class (The Fountainhead), we're witnessing a populist backlash on both the right and the left. In the 2016 general election, the right-wing populist backlash dawned the garments of White Nationalism. In 2018, populist energies on the left, are creating political space and opportunity for Democratic Socialism. 

'The Heresy' at Alt-black.com's analytics projects that Democratic Socialism (DS) can go deep as a political force within the Darker Nation. Their platform is more radical than the traditional Democratic liberal-centrist agenda, and will appeal to Black voters, especially Black millennials. Increasing numbers of Black local, state and federal candidates are signing on as Democratic Socialist of America candidates or supporting Democratic Socialist positions. 

Contemporary Democratic Socialism is a millennial project. DS's political issues, and its anti-sexist, anti-racist and gender flexible sensibilities gives them common cause with millennials like Black Lives Matter and Black feminists. 

The resurgence of Democratic Socialism in the post-Soviet Cold War also has its advantages. Millennials interested in Democratic Socialism are not hard pressed as they were in the past to fend off attacks of being irredeemable communists, promoting foreign ideologies of enemies of the state. Increasingly legitimized by its growing successes in electoral politics, Democratic Socialism is assuming an organic aura

The 2018 mid-terms are just around the corner. The Democrat Party is positioned to take back the House of Representatives, and initiate impeachment proceedings to remove the Sun King Trump from office. With the 2020 presidential elections on the horizon, we are about to see an unprecedented period of intense political in-fighting and maneuvers between the political parties as American Empire spirals deeper into decline.    

In this climate, Democratic Socialist have an opportunity to grow exponentially and in a very short period of time. In this regard, it's not insignificant that Bernie Sanders (Comrade Kerensky) is the most popular politician in the Cathedral today. In Part 2 of this series, Alt-Black.com will examine Democratic Socialism's electoral path and its intersection with the Darker Nation. 
"DSA is the major organization on the American left with an all-embracing moral vision, systematic social analysis, and political praxis rooted in the quest for radical democracy, social freedom, and individual liberties. "

 Cornel West on the Democratic Socialist
  of America (DSA)