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February 1, 2018

Today, Alt-Black.com issued a call for the observance of "Black Alternative History Month" in February 2018. All self-identifying Black alternative intellectuals, artists, politicos, websites and social movements are invited to engage in activities that will give Black History Month (BHM) a collective jolt. 

Black History Month is a cherished tradition. By presenting an "Alternative" rendition in 2018, we are not attempting to supplant or be critical of Black History Month (BHM). Quite the opposite. Injecting it with new historical and cultural truths that challenge the dominant social narrative, can infuse Black History Month with a new sense of excitement, discovery and perspective. 

For the past decade, a Black alternative cultural rising (The Surge) has been germinating across the country. Whether it's the fiery sound of Afro Punk, the frontier adventurism of Afrofuturism's science fiction, the poetic impatience of alternative rap, or the three dimensional storytelling of Black-Alt women film makers, The Surge is lancing the boil of mainstream Black culture. 

February, provides a unique opportunity for Black alternative activists to reach out to the Black and mainstream media and social networks to highlight our works. It's a platform to explain the contemporary relevance of our cultural products. It also affords us the opportunity to link the Black alternative movement to its historical antecedents. Icons like Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Ralph Ellison, Zora Neale Hurston, George Schuyler, A Tribe Called Quest , Martin Delaney and others were powerful forerunners to our evolving trend. We are the inheritors of a rich legacy, not opportunist gate crashers at the entrance of the Black History Month experience. 

Just as important, we seek to convey the understanding that being "Black and alternative" means more than just the sum total of our contributions. It's also encompasses a different vision, attitude and set of values that cuts against the degradation of consumer and mass-produced culture and politics.   

The Black alternative upsurge is occurring at a time when our people are more emotionally available to authentic impulses and innovation than at any point in the past. They are hungry for something new with substance and wit. Thus, we have an extraordinary opportunity to match the movement with the moment.     

In addition to intensifying our outreach in February and promoting Black alternative initiatives, this is a festive occasion that lends itself to imagination and creativity. Black Alternative History Month posters, historical alternative calendars, new slogans, memes, themes and memorabilia for the observance is integral to changing the atmospherics. Black History Month and a Black Alternative History Month observance should not be a boring or predicatable ritual.     

Finally, Alt-Black.com, fully acknowledges that it is the new kid on the block in the Black alternative universe. We have no problem with the warriors who have been in the trenches building this movement over the past decade ,questioning this sites' motives and activists "creds." We sincerely honor your efforts and sacrifice. If we have stepped on anyone's toes, we apologize and will lift our foot as humbly as possible.   

This website was launched on January 1, 2018  to test the waters to determine if there is a real basis to build a viable alternative Black political component. We think there is, in part because the Black alternative culture movement has demonstrated the potential. 

We strive to be an open resource and thought center for all those who see the necessity of building this new movement. We hope this site will serve the broader Black alternative movement with news, analytical tools and commentary that probes the boundaries of Black "newthink." On certain occasions, Alt.Black.com will recommend actions for the movement's consideration. Black Alternative History Month is one of those special occasions. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and we trust you will continue to visit Alt-Black.com -- where "The Heresy" gathers. 

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