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Defending Alice Walker Against the NY Times & the Jewish/Israel Lobby
NY Times 'By the Book' Interview with Alice Walker

December 13, 2018

NYT:   Question   What books are on your nightstand?

AW:    'And The Truth Shall Set You Free' by David Icke. In Icke's book there is the whole of existence, on this planet and several others, to think about. A curious person's dream come true.'
”​Defending Alice Walker 

One week ago, Alice Walker answered a simple question in a NY Times "By the Book" interview: "What books are on your nightstand?"         

Thirty-four words and a week later, the acclaimed social critic, and dream weaver of fiction, poetry, and verse is being vilified by the usual suspects as an anti-Semite.

Alt-Black.com reserved comment until Ms. Walker issued a statement. On December 20, 2018, Ms. Walker issued a response on her blog. We've attached a link to read her statement. 

To be sure, Ms. Walker needs no assistance from Alt-Black.com to lay bare the base hypocrisy of those who traffic in the dungeons of intimidation and thought control in service to the Jewish/Israel lobby. 

This isn't the first time these trolls have targeted Alice Walker. Her views on Israel's violence driven expansionist settler-state, and support for the Palestinians are well documented. 

Nor do they harbor any illusions that these attacks will alter Ms. Walker's views. Jewish groups including the Anti-Defamation League admit they've monitored Ms. Walker’s talks and writing for years.  

What this episode reveals is that the attack on Ms. Walker doubled as a foil for the Jewish/Israel lobby to bludgeon the New York Times into submission. Their crime was giving quarter to a high profile celebrity who is critical of Israel. In the corporate universe of news media, the New York Time is the gold standard of liberal journalism.                                                                                                                                                                         Thus it comes as no surprise that the Jewish/Israel Lobby seized the moment to unleash a storm of criticism against the Times. They railed that the Times did not explain David Icke is an 'anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.' They charged he wrote a book suggesting "a cabal of a child-sacrificing, bloodthirsty lizard people, many of whom are Jewish, are secretly running the world."

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League wrote that, “Ms. Walker has a right to read what she will, but the Book Review has a responsibility to fact-check its material and forewarn readers if the book being recommended to readers is a conspiratorial polemic by a writer with a long history of scapegoating groups of Jews and blaming them for many of the ills of the modern world.​"                                                                                   
Fact checking books is not what the "By the Book" column does. Nor was Walker or NYT making a recommendation. As NYT editor Pamela Paul noted "The By the Book" column was designed to shed light on a subject’s reading habits and to use books as a window into their views, and should not be construed as an endorsement of their choices. When we interview anyone, whether it’s a public official or a foreign leader or an artist, The Times isn’t saying that we approve of the person’s views and actions. “We’re saying we think the subject is worthy of interviewing; that’s our approach with By the Book.”                                                                                                                                                                                                 But this was all a charade. The "Lobby" knew the "By the Book" policy is not to review books or issue warnings like labeling a pack of cigarettes 'The materials in this book may scapegoat Jews and blame them for the ills of the modern world.'                                                                                                                                                                                                            What the "Lobby" wanted was to create a controversy significant enough to blackmail the New York Times to either condemn Alice Walker's as an anti-Semite or risk being charged as a newspaper that condones Anti-Semitism. On December 21, 2018, the "Lobby" got exactly what they wanted.     

After Alice Walker posted her response on December 20, 2018, the Times ran an article the following day titled, Alice Walker, Answering Backlash, Praises Anti-Semitic Author as ‘Brave.’ 

In part, the article stated 'Readers who were aware of Mr. Icke’s extreme views and his role in spreading anti-Semitic tropes and ideas saw Ms. Walker’s recommendation as not only offensive, but as a dangerous endorsement of bigotry and hatred. Some critics said that in an environment where conspiracy theories have led to a rise in hate crimes and violence against Jews, and may have been a motivating factor behind the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, publishing an endorsement of such views without challenging them was irresponsible.'                                                                                                                                                                   The Times venture from Alice Walker's nightstand book literature to anti-Semitic justifications for the massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh is a quantum leap in guilt by association. But the Times made it nevertheless under  duress from the specious ravings of the Jewish/Israel lobby.                                   
The Times left itself a convenient escape hatch, ending the article by observing that, 'It remains unclear whether the controversy will tarnish Ms. Walker’s legacy, or shape the way readers and scholars approach her celebrated body of work.'  Really?  It's all quite clear to us what went down.                                                                                                                             Alternative Black Nationalists at Alt-Black.com condemn this campaign by the Jewish/Israel lobby and the New York Times to smear Alice Walker. We oppose all manifestations of racism, and condemn all racist attacks, just as we did when a white nationalist attacked the Tree of Life synagogue Pittsburgh.                                                                                                        
To oppose Israel's policies, and uphold the right of self-determination and a nation state for Palestinians--as we do--- is not to be a default anti-Semite. There are many in the Jewish community who lack the requisite political sophistication to make these distinctions.  

The ADL and others have crossed the line on this issue with Alice Walker.  Best that you learn now from your mistake. The emerging Black awakening may not be as forgiving in the future.          
                                                                                                                    Alt-Black.com and Alternative Black Nationalist uphold Ms. Walker as one of the illuminating lights, cultural warriors and Black feminist trailblazers that have made immeasurable contributions to enrich, educate and celebrate the Darker Nation's journey on the shores of North America.                                                                                                                                                         We call on others who feel agree with us, to register their condemnation of this disgraceful attempt to besmirch her reputation and legacy.                                               
Excerpt from Alice Walker's Response 
December 20, 2018

I was asked, in writing, by the NYTs BY THE BOOK “What is on your nightstand?” I replied with the titles of the pile of books that were currently on mine; all of them in some state of read, to read, or unread. David Icke’s book, And the Truth Shall Set You Free was among them. I find Icke’s work to be very important to humanity’s conversation, especially at this time. I do not believe he is anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish. I do believe he is brave enough to ask the questions others fear to ask, and to speak his own understanding of the truth wherever it might lead.