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Special Report: Haiti, On the Precipice Again
As Haiti Burns, Never Forget White People did That - by Michael Harriot
Haiti's Long Descent to Hell -
 by Jon Henley - the Guardian
A Special Report

"You have spoken, I have listened to you, now go home."  So said Haiti's President Jovenel Moise to the Haitian people on Saturday, July 9, during the second day of the street risings that swept across the country. They didn't listen. They didn't go home. They had more to say. 

Daybreak on Wednesday brought the first signs that a tentative calm was settling over Haiti. Some fruit and vegetable stands opened on the streets and few vehicles ventured out. Gasoline stations were reopening, and hundreds of missionary and charity organization workers that didn't flee the country resurfaced. 

Although the crushing fuel price increases and cuts in food subsidies the  International Monetary Fund shoved down the Haiti's throat have been rescinded, the crisis in Haiti is not over. A new crisis is about to begin. 

The Private Sector Economic Forum comprised of Haiti’s largest employers  suffered tremendous losses. They want Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant's head on a platter. But Lafontant, like Moise who took office in 2017, refused to resign after a meeting with the President of the Senate Joseph Lambert. The stage is now set for Saturday, July 14 for the Parliament to take a vote of no confidence in the government to force new elections.  

Perhaps, its better in the grand scheme of things that the peaceful removal from power of President Moise and Prime Minister Lafontant would give the Haitian people a sense that their voices have truly been heard. Perhaps the healing and a  fresh start could begin.

But this is Haiti. The one thing that has proved to be as disastrous as Haiti's geography, situated in the Atlantic Ocean's hurricane alley, it's geo-position hovering on shifting tectonic plates that produce devastating earthquakes, its barren deforestation that makes its rootless landmass highly susceptible to massive flooding, has been its ruling governance. 

Since Haiti's legendary slave revolt and  it's 12-year revolutionary war to win national liberation and independence in 1803, the world's two imperial powers, France and United States have colluded to bring ruin to Haiti. 

The lesson of Haiti's revolutionary legacy is this; If slaves could overthrow Napoleon Bonaparte's colonial rule, the Haitian people can rise once more to overthrow puppet and dictatorial governments, kick out the Global North and reorder their society on an entirely new foundation. 

The Haitian people have endured as much heartache and suffering as any nation on earth, which is why it is one of the poorest countries on earth. Hurricanes, earthquakes and floods may be the province of higher spiritual powers or natures' awesome power--oppression and bad governance are not. 

Increasingly, Haiti is heading toward a existential crisis in which the people will launch a mass revolt and fight to the death to overthrow the government. That revolt will either be drowned in blood by Haiti's police force and their new army with the help of foreign powers or the people will topple the government and forge a new national project. 

Haiti, On the Precipice Again
Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant