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Mounting evidence of criminal activity and conspiracy in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, is galvanizing a consensus among the U.S. ruling class (the Illuminati) that Donald Trump must be removed from the Oval Office. To that end, contingency planning has been set into motion to execute a “soft coup.” America is moving inexorably toward a governing crisis, or as "The Heresy" would say; there is "Wind in the Tower." 

Coups are “illegal” overt seizures of state power by the military or elites within the state apparatus. A “soft coup” accomplishes the same goal of regime change “legally.” Alt-Black.com’s readout of the Cathedral’s (America's) governing crisis is that events are coming to a head in 2018. We’ve arrived at this juncture, because the ruling elites have concluded Mueller has the goods to take Trump down. 

The Illuminati’s dilemma is that Mueller’s methodical probe to bring indictments, accept pleas and prosecute criminal trials takes time. In the interregnum, Trump--a highly unstable, impulsive demagogue—is likely to provoke an incident that could catapult the nation into a severe crisis. 

Doubters that a “soft coup” looms on the horizon should consider what’s transpired since communication staffers Hope Hicks and Josh Raffel resigned, and chief economic advisor Gary Cohn deserted the sinking ship. The heat from Mueller’s probe is not only accelerating the meltdown of Trump’s administration, but the Tribal Leader as well. 

In a rage over Mueller’s probe, Trump quixotically declared a trade war over steel. A few days later, Trump suddenly agreed to unconditional talks on nuclear disarmament with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Trump sent South Korean officials out to the White House lawn to make the announcement without informing any staff members or government officials. The next day his press secretary, walked the statement back. 

Trump’s erratic behavior is “stress testing” the core operation of American Empire. But the system can only endure so many sudden shocks before it buckles. Until the ruling class settles on the best option to process Trump’s exit from office, they must wall him off from three no-go areas that risk a strategic setback for American Empire; 1) taking America to the brink of war 2) initiating a reckless action that provokes a sharp economic downturn, and 3) pushing the nation’s political system to a “constitutional crisis.” Trump’s bungling of Korean nuclear talks and his sudden steel tariff declaration demonstrate how quickly the Cathedral can be thrown into an economic or foreign policy crisis. 

As Mueller’s investigation closes in on Trump, his proclivity to push events towards a “constitutional crisis will increase. He will fight with every means at his disposal to remain in office. American Empire overcame the 2008 financial crisis and foreign policy setbacks like the military stalemates in Iraq and Afghanistan. But withstanding a “constitutional crisis” in the current environment is a different matter. Both the president and congress have some of lowest approval ratings in history (Congress 15% - Trump 39% Gallop Poll-February 2018). With the country sharply divided along partisan and racial lines, a “constitutional crisis” playing out against this backdrop is a dangerous proposition. This is exactly where the country is headed.  

If Trump fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in order to kneecap Mueller’s investigation, or refuses to cooperate or testify before the grand jury, events will edge toward impeachment. If Democrats capture the majority in the House of Representative in November 2018 elections, impeachment hearings will become a virtual certainty. 

The impeachment process would paralyze a government that is already largely dysfunctional, and split Congress even further-along partisan lines, unless Republicans abandon Trump, and settle for Pence.  

There is the possibility the press will uncover evidence or produce a witness with evidence so compelling that it could force Trump to resign. It’s also possible that Trump, in a fit of rage could provoke an incident so detrimental to the interest of American Empire, that Section 4 of the 25th Amendment would be invoked to remove him from office. Both these scenarios would back the nation off the precipice of a full blown “constitutional crisis.”  

How the ruling class removes Trump from office matters. The point of the “soft coup” is crisis management. The last time the Illuminati resorted to a "hard coup" was November 22, 1963. That incident has left more than half the country, to this day, believing that the CIA participated in the assassination of its own president.    

Beyond the immediate concerns of preventing Trump from precipitously plunging the nation into war or an economic downturn, maintaining the veneer of “political legitimacy” is an important consideration for the Illuminati. Even tyrants and dictators invest substantial resources into crafting images, myths and rationales justifying their political rule.

Alt-Black.com's core analytics assert that American Empire is in a state of international and domestic decline. The election of Donald Trump--an ignorant, racist, unhinged nativists demagogue--is the symbol and the substance of this decline. The fall of every large empire in history has been marked by the decay of its critical institutions. 

These institutions either fall into a state of disrepair, lose legitimacy among society broadly, or refuse to adapt to accommodate new social actors and governing realities of a changing society. Special interests capture the state, and immobilize it of its governing flexibility. Today, political parties, the executive branch, congress, the corporate media, the United Nations and NATO among others, are all faltering institutions that prop up American Empire.

Donald Trump's attempts to inject nativism, white nationalism, and authoritarian measures into every sphere of his administration is accelerating the decay of these bedrock institutions. 

He has exposed the Republican Party as a racist, unprincipled harlot of corporate profits and appeaser of Russian hegemony. He’s brow beaten Congress into submission to accept unbridled nepotism as a legitimate practice of the presidency. He has pilloried the national media and convinced one/third of country that the press are purveyors of fake news. He has attacked the Vulcan (the U.S. Intelligence community and the FBI) as inept and corrupt agents of the liberal establishment. He’s attacked NATO, the citadel the American Empire’s international military infrastructure. 

Now, Trump is prepared to "go to the mattresses" over the presidency itself, which he’s attempted to convert into a profit taking center to advance the family business interests of Trump Inc.

Over the next 8 months, we are going to witness the twist and turns of the U.S. ruling class attempts to move Trump out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If they succeed—Soft Coup or otherwise-- it' won't  be a vindication that American democracy is alive and well, and the system of checks and balances works. It will be another revealing episode of how a system that is ultimately doomed, is desperately clinging to power.  

.The "Soft-Coup" to Remove Donald Trump From the Oval Office