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Trump Blowing Up Iran Nuclear Deal Has Little to do With Nukes​
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in Peril  
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Vows to Maintain Nuclear Agreement With Germany, UK, France the EU, Russia & China 
by Bastian Com-Bendeet

Boom. It's gone. In a fifteen minute announcement, the Sun King tried to blow up years of international diplomacy and nuclear negotiations by yanking the U.S. out of the six-party JPOCA agreement, forbidding Iran from building nuclear weapons. 

U.S. intelligence agencies and America's partners, Germany, France the U.K. and the European Union all concluded Iran hasn't cheated on the agreement. So why did Trump do it? In short, the Tribal Leader wants to torpedo the nuclear agreement  because he's thinks it represents the best route to topple the anti-U.S Islamic clerical  government in Iran. The Cathedral (America), is back in the business of regime change. 

Since the nuclear agreement went into effect in July 2015, the United Nations and European Union have lifted or eased sanctions that would allow Iran to recover as much as $100 billion in frozen overseas assets. In 2016, Trump railed against the $1.7 billion the U.S. paid Iran back in legal claims. International sanctions on Iran's massive oil and gas exports-the lifeblood of their economy--have also been lifted by most nations in the international community. The Persian Gulf Islamic state is flush with hard currency.     

What Trump and his Chickenhawk national security team despise most is that by halting its nuclear program, Tehran is  flexing its economic muscle and extending its influence as a hegemon in the Middle East. Iran is the key regional player in the emerging Russia, Syria,  Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen anti-American axis. Worse still, the Cathedral's (U.S.) energy starved European allies want friendly trade relations with President Rouhani and access to Iran's oil and gas reserves. 

The bottom line is that Iran is growing stronger and building its strategic relationships with Europe, Russia and China, without nuclear weapons. The agreement has legitimized Iran's radical cleric government and made it a respectable international player instead of the outcast rogue regime Trump and his neo-con foreign policy faction seek to portray.   

To break Iran, the Sun King not only stabbed the Cathedral's European partners in the back by withdrawing from the nuclear agreement, he's threatening them with U.S. economic sanctions if they do business with Iran. In fact Trump is threatening any nation that does business with Iran with U.S sanctions. So imagine this; Trump is already prosecuting a trade war with the European Union over their exports of aluminum and steel. Now he want's to "go to the mattresses" with more sanctions against them over an Iranian nuclear threat that doesn't exist.        

By cutting off trade, oil exports and banking transactions with Iran, the Godfather's extortion racket seeks to bleed Iran dry economically. Trump and his minions are hoping that a crippled economy will ignite more protests and discord inside Iran, which was rocked by anti-government street demonstrations across the country earlier this year. American Empire's goal is to weaken and provoke an internal economic collapse in Iran, without resorting to overt military action. As much as the media screams about how Trump is beating the drums of war with Iran, that's the last thing the Sun King wants. He'd better stick to ego-maniacal dictators his own size, like "Lil Kim" in North Korea.  

The Sun King may not know it, but Iran has been down the road of international sanctions before. They endured three decades of sanctions. Despite Trump's withdrawal announcement that was laced with half-truths and lies, Iran did not take the bait by responding with counter threats of ramping up its nuclear program and scrapping the nuclear accord. We would remind our readers that the game of chess was invented by Iran's ancient Persian ancestors. The Trump administration wants Iran to revive its nuclear program. That would give them a pretext to escalate its propaganda assault on Tehran, and fast forward its action plan to conduct covert warfare to further destabilize Iran.  

"Immediately, after the Sun King's withdrawal statement, which was aired live across Iran, President Hassan Rouhani, called on all the JPOCA signatories in Europe, Russia and China to stay the course and move forward with the agreement without the United States. Emmanuel Macron, President of France, whose hugs and cheek kisses with Trump last week failed to persuade the Sun King to stay in the agreement said today  "I regret the decision of the American president. I think its an error. The accord needs to be completed." In Germany to confer with Chancellor Angela Merkel, Macron telephoned Iranian President Rouhani, to convey his desire to move forward with maintaining the agreement. 

In a classic Trump faux pas, he has demonstrated how to screw friends and make enemies; uniting the international community against the arrogance and hubris of American Empire, and surrendering the moral high ground to Iran's Shi'a clerical establishment. After the dramatic buildup to Trump's announcement to scrap the nuclear deal, the lead story dominating the national news yesterday wasn't about Iran, it was about Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen's slush fund bank account to pay hush money to Trump's sexual playmates,--an account flush with millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs. 

As Alt-Black.com outlined last week in it's Crisis Theory Thought Paper, American Empire's international global order is unraveling. Trump is the embodiment of that decline, both the shadow and the substance.    


Trump Blowing Up Iran Nuclear Deal Has Little to Do With Nukes