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Trump's "Race Summit" - A Collaborators Ball 
 by Deckland Bolt
Rumors continue to swirl that Tribal Leader Trump has given his blessings to a series of meetings to discuss race relations with Black athletes and entertainers. The new reality show, "Race Summit -- The Collaborators Ball" is being directed by the Tribal Leader's long-time supporter Pastor Darryl Scott. The Cleveland-based shaman said the talks will be held at the White House and that Trump is "100 percent for it.”  

Headlining the cast of the "invited" are Trump enthusiast and hip-hop impresario Kanye West, and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick who spearheaded the "take-a-knee protest movement against police brutality. As long as West and Kaepernick's' names are on the marquee as "invited," the proposed "Race Summit" will receive maximum press coverage. And that's the point of it all. 

What's being set into motion here is a pure propaganda spectacle in which Black entertainers and athletes have been summoned to perform as  political jesters and gladiators at the court of the "Sun King." An avowed racist demagogue hosting an event to receive the praise and the petitions of his servile African-American subjects is tantamount to holding a national day of public humiliation of the Darker Nation. 

Like all dramas, there is central plot to the story line. By inviting Colin Kaepernick to attend the talks, Team Trump has laid a clever trap. Should Kaepernick attend the "Race Summit," by default, he  bestows legitimacy on Trump's presidency and his attacks on Black athletes. Moreover, he will be  tainted as a sell-out to a movement he in large measure initiated among athletes. If Kaepernick declines, he will be pilloried by the right and the center as a spoiled cry-baby and hypocrite who complains about racial injustice, but won't work with people "who matter" to do anything about it. Either way, its a Catch 22 to marginalize and knee-cap Kaepernick.. 

Trump's take no prisoners attitude dictates that when putting down a slave revolt, its best to kill Spartacus. Trump has wanted Kaepernick's head on a pike for a long time--one way or the other. When Kaepernick's agent was pressed for comment about him participating in the talks, he said Colin's not doing media interviews at this time. Kaepernick's non-response will suffice for the moment. After all, when it comes to the Tribal Leader, the hype about the Race Summit could turn out to be more smoke and mirrors. It may never happen. If it does, Kaepernick will have to choose, and any chance of him re-entering the NFL could hinge on his response.    

According to Scott, who is scheduled to meet with Trump today in Cleveland, the meetings will be held this summer after the NBA season is over and before the NFL season starts.  Scott said the two proposed meetings---one with entertainers and the other with athletes--are "going to be unscripted, unfiltered, and blunt." No topic, he said  "will be off the table." Really?

As for the proposed design of the "Race Summit, Scott noted that ​"It's not going to be a black-only event. It will be a melting pot." Thus we surmise, in the finest tradition of Trump's new version of a post-racial society, it appears select whites, Hispanics and Asian-Americans will also be invited. Who knows, maybe Eminem will make a cameo appearance.

Whose not invited, is also a big tell--which poses the question, will the "Tabernacle" (African-American Civil Rights leaders and Black Democrats) be left out in the cold and forced to criticize the multi-racial summit from the sidelines?" Stay tuned.   

Last week, Alt-Black.com reported in our article, Why Trump Will Pardon Black Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson, that "Trump’s recent charm offensive with Black America is on a roll."​ We further noted that, "Trump is one of those peculiar white racists who distains the Darker Nation, but is entirely comfortable rubbing elbows and associating his brand with "upper echelon Black celebrities."  Scott said this week that the impetus to move forward with the race talks got wind in its sails after Kanye West spoke glowingly of Donald Trump. 

What the firestorm around Kanye West recent comments on slavery and the noise around convening the "Race Summit," underscores is a point Alt-Black.com continues to make about the importance and central role culture plays today in the Cathedral (America). In our Thought Paper "The Dynamics of Black Culture," we stated, "Our take is that the Cathedral (America) has entered a period of sustained and intensifying, race-based cultural warfare."    

In this instance, the Sun King is mobilizing African-American cultural forces (entertainers) to legitimize his racist, white nationalist agenda to marginalize the whole of the Darker Nation. In closing, Alt-Black.com has referred to the proposed "Race Summit" as a "Collaborators Ball." The term is not being used lightly. Those who choose to gather in the court of the Sun King for the proposed "Race Summit" will include witting and unwitting participants. But it will be an act of collaboration in subservience to a racist agenda nonetheless.      

Jester's Who May Appear at the Court of the Sun King's  "Race Summit"

Kanye West - Hip-Hop impresario. In fairness to West, we invite you read Yeezeh's extensive quotes from his interview with TMZ on slavery.   

Dennis Rodman - the gender-fluid ex-NBA star, stealth foreign diplomat and personal friend of North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un. Rodman, known to hang out with Trump in the past, took Trump's books, "The Art of the Deal" and "Time to Get Tough" to North Korea as a gift to Kim.   

Candace Owens - Conservative ideologue:  "My message to them is just that the time is now. President Trump represents the first opportunity for black Americans to get off of, what I refer to as, the ideological slave ship, to step outside of this line—this myth and this illusion—and to understand that we’ve had our power essentially stripped from us."

Don King - Fight promoter who never goes anywhere with a pocket-size American flag to wave. “Hey, that’s my man. That’s who he is,” said King. “To me, Donald is Donald. That’s not a presidential endorsement, but it is a humanistic endorsement.”

Stacey Dash - the "Clueless" actress who supported Trump's claim that there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville.  

Mike Tyson - Former heavyweight boxing champion and poster child of exotic face painting, who said of Trump's racist remarks "anybody that was ever president of the United States offended some group of people." 

Russell Simmons -  Entertainment producer who said when he's kicking it with Trump, “He’d say ‘the blacks,’ ‘the Jews,’ that stuff. But it’s the same way people speak bluntly — like, very ’hood. It’s semantics.”  When Trump attack Obama for being a foreign-born Muslim, Simmons remained silent. When Trump attacked Muslims, Simmons arranged meetings between Trump and Muslim clerics to "sensitize" the Sun King  to their faith.

Herschel Walker,  football star who played for old Trump-owned New Jersey Generals. Walker said  Trump's statement's are taken too literally. “I don’t think Donald is against Muslims, or blacks, or Hispanics,”  “I do know he is going to try to make this country safe.

”Scott also said former Cleveland Browns fullback Jim Brown, a Trump supporter, would be invited to the athletes summit, along with basketball Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes and boxer Evander Holyfield 


The Sun King and his African-American shaman Darryl Scott