Alt Right-TrumpWatch.Org  is a new thought leadership portal providing analysis of the emerging intersection between the Alt Right movement and white identitarian leaning voters that supported Donald Trump.   
                 ARTW.ORG'S BELIEFS

That the merger of white nationalist leaning voters supporting Donald Trump with white supremists intellectuals of the alt-right will create the first permanent white nationalist presence in America's political mainstream.

That the election of Donald Trump represents a nativist, anti-immigrant, racist response to the "Browning of America." It's purpose is to reconstitute and solidify a white social base in support of American empire.

That America's governance system is neither a democracy  or constitutional republic, but a system of "managed democracy" in which large corporations and banks finance elections and candidates, hire lobbyist to write government policy and owns the media that controls public opinion. 

That Donald Trump's consistent advocacy of extra-constitutional measures is probing the boundaries of authoritarian rule. 

That while the United States  leads a global empire asserting peerless military, economic, political and cultural domination, it is an empire in decline. 

That Donald Trump aspires to position America's Alt White movement as the central player in the growing internationalists white nationalist  movement sweeping over Europe. 

That the Trump administrations attempts to build relationships with European white nationalist parties is a vital component of his foreign policy strategy to alter existing relations between the U.S. and Europe, between Europe and Russia and between the United States and Russia.

the purpose of this new counterintelligence endeavor is to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize the activities of Black Nationalist, hate-type organizations and groupings and their leadership, spokesmen, membership and supporters, and to counter their propensity for violence and civil disorder.

Donald Trump's ascent to the presidency in 2016 is the most consequential political event in post-modern American history. 

His candidacy altered America's political DNA by spawning two movements that are unique to the American experience: a white nationalist leaning voting bloc and a loose coalition of ultra-conservatives dominated by white supremacist intellectuals under the banner of the alt-right. 

The potential union of these two movements could enshrine radical white nationalism as a permanent feature of America's political mainstream. What we may be witnessing is the birth of the "Alt-White." "  

Beyond the heat seeking racial divide lancing the nation, Trump's extra-constitutional proposals have probed the boundaries of authoritarian order.  

Religious targeting, torture, political assassinations and sanctioning media opponents--to name a few--are positions finding support among the alt-right and select quarters of the Republican Party.  

And what can be said of national security when Trump called for Russia to conduct cyber warfare against his political opponents, attacked America's intelligence agencies and advocates diminishing NATO's role. 

Clearly, America's ship of state is sailing into uncharted and perilous waters. At its helm is a political novice whose inexperience is informed by vanity, arrogance and a twitter account that constitutes a national security risk. America's imperial presidency now rest in the hands of an unstable demagogue. 

As bizarre as Donald Trump's presidential victory was, it is not an anomaly. American empire, run by global corporations and Wall Street financial houses have installed one of their own. 

That the nation's body politic elected a candidate who lost by a total of three million votes, and is the most unpopular president ever elected, reflects an accurate reading of the times we live in. 

The 2016 election marks a reaction to the accelerating decline of American empire, the decay of it's global leadership, economy, institutions and political parties. 

Moreover, the voting constituency that rallied around Donald Trump represented a sharp response to the "browning of America." The timetable is accelerating when the country will no longer be the majority white nation. The Alt white is acting on that understanding; vulnerable lower income whites are feeling the pressure of demographic and economic invisibility.  

In our view, America is entering a period of great uncertainty that could be punctuated by social upheaval and political crises. Donald Trump's presidency is both a symptom and accelerant of the inevitable crisis to come.  ​

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